Grand River View Apartments

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Grand River View Apartments

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Welcome to Grand River View – a joint project of
Multani Group and Affordable Housing Alternatives Inc.

Brantford’s Newest Premier
Affordable Housing Option

Our building is located on 248 Grand River Ave Brantford Ontario on the former Pennman’s factory site.
This rental housing was created with funding from all levels of Government under the social infrastructure programs.

Brantford Apartments Layout

Grand River View Community is very close to the Grand River walking trails with magnificent views of the Grand River from a majority of the units. The units in this building are rented to people from all walks of life at a rent that most people can afford.

Want to be a part of the
Grand River View Community?

Rent a 1 bedroom for $1,050 plus utilities and parking or rent a 2 bedroom for $1,102 plus utilities and parking.

The prospective tenants for this building must meet criteria under the Affordable Housing Program of the City of Brantford. Which means that their income level can not be more than what is determined by the Housing Department of City of Brantford on an annual basis for the year 2021 this income level is $39,000 for a single person, $46,000 for a family of two, the income levels are determined at the time of renting of the unit and proof of income is required. We only have one or two bedroom units and some units are fully accessible to meet the needs of disabled community members. The building is expected to be fully ready by July 1, 2021 and the application forms are available here.

This is a smoke free building and no smoking is allowed inside or within nine meters of the building.

Want to apply now? Fill out our fillable full application now. Download the form now and email or fax it to our office.

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1 and 2 Bedroom
Floor Plans

Click on each floor plan for details. Rent a 1 bedroom for $1,050 plus utilities and parking or rent a 2 bedroom for $1,102 plus utilities and parking.

UNITS 203-603, 217-617,218-618 ARE SAME AS THE SAMPLE THAT YOU HAVE FOR 204-604

UNITS 206-606, 207-607, 208-608, 209-609, 210-610,212-612, 214-614, 215-615, 216-616 ARE SAME OR SIMILAR TO SAMPLE  205-605


UNIT 220-620 IS SAME AS SAMPLE 219-619

Building Highlights

  • Laundromat on site.
  • Garbage bins located outside the building.
  • Parking spots are numbered and visitors parking is clearly identified.
  • The parking by-law applies to the building and is strictly enforced.
  • Utilities and parking are in addition to the specified rent – each unit is sub metered and the tenants pays
    their own utilities (Gas, Water and Hydro).
  • Security deposit may be required by the utility supplier and the utilities will be billed monthly.
  • Bus Shelter at the front of the Building on Grand River Ave.
  • Fridge and stove are included in the rent and are provided by the landlord.
  • Close to parks, river and walking trails.
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